How Much do you Know About Halloween?

What do you think of the spooky Halloween occasion? As you probably know, Halloween is celebrated on October 31 and the name Halloween is dropped from the old name Hallows Eve in Night of the Dead. This is the reason why young and old have the same vision of the appearance of terrifying characters such as ghosts, trolls, vampires, beasts, witches, and everything that strikes at night.


It is also said that on this night dedicated to the dead, there are more otherworldly energies, making it a more receptive night for contacting the dead, and for the dead to contact the living.


Halloween is regularly considered an American celebration, so you might be surprised to find that it began in Ireland with the celebration of the Samhain Celtic pagan collection. Halloween wasn't shipped to America until the 19th century when many Irish societies emigrated.


The Celts celebrated their harvest celebration in the light that by the end of October all the difficult work of harvesting was finished. They also considered Halloween to be the time when the days would shorten and there would be darkness and freshness in the winter season.


Many Christians want to congratulate the next day, All Saints' Day on November 1 (also known as "all blessings" and "the day of all spirits"), it is about maintaining a strategic distance that conflicts with their strict beliefs. The word blesses methods bless in Old English, "to be freed from evil." Therefore, the entire day of the holy people is considered a day of goodness.


Halloween and its celebrations have spread to much of the Western world. Either way, the old importance of Halloween has been lost and replaced. These days, Halloween is seen as a joyous occasion to have fun and amaze. A chance to recharge and have a good time, perhaps to do a "trick or treat" or go to a spooky Halloween party. Halloween is a time to scare yourself, or maybe someone else, BOO!


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